Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ridiculous Roasted Garlic Infused Butter

This is a super simple recipe that I made up one day. I wanted to eat something that was ridiculously delicious, and this hit the spot!

What you'll need:

A whole head of garlic
Tin foil
1 stick of butter, room temp
Wax paper

Slice off the top of the head of garlic, wrap in foil (leaving a whole in the top, to vent the heat), and roast the garlic for about 45 minutes on 350.

Remove garlic and let cool. Once cooled, mix in a small bowl with the butter.

Spoon onto wax paper, and roll into a cylinder-type shape. Refrigerate for at least an hour, and when chilled, you'll have amazing roasted garlic infused butter!

You can put this on anything, but it's REALLY good on croissants. (As included in the first pic).

Enjoy, and let me know if you try this recipe, I'd like to know what you think, since this is mine.

Oh, and forgive the picture quality, these were taken on my phone :)

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