Wednesday, February 26, 2014

WHATUP Wedding Wednesday!!!!!

Wedding Wednesday update!

So, I have been very very busy. I am getting ready to open my first show in Seattle, The Elephant Man. I have been working my 9-5, breaking for dinner, and rehearsing from 7-10.

It doesn't sound too bad, but by the time I get home I have been out for about 15 hours.

How I managed to get any wedding stuff done is beyond me.

HOWEVER, I'm awesome.

We now have:

  • A verbally confirmed photographer (contractually confirmed on 4/5/14)*
  • An Officiant
  • A Caterer
  • A Venue
  • Most of the decor
  • A lead on flowers*
  • A DJ
  • A Honeymoon plan (Disneyworld, we will be returning!)
  • Most of the centerpieces
  • A wedding block on rooms*
  • A dress
  • A veil plan (Thanks Tiff)
  • Wedding Bands
  • Invites*
*indicates a headache

This has slowly come piece by piece. And I am feeling pretty prepared for being 8 months out still. Mr.OU told me that it was way too early for  me to stress about anything, but, as you can see from the asterisks, there were things that needed extra efforts, and I would sure as anything rather stress now than right before.

Stresses include:

The hotel losing my room block
The invites being printed on one side only
The photographer being impossibly hard to get a hold of
Flowers being ridiculously difficult to price properly

And we are still 8 months out.

No big deal, really. I am so excited, and all of the things that are really infuriating me, I have handed off to the boy. He is far more even tempered than I am.

As for the food in my life, I am still on this wonderful Skinnytaste kick... I'm not sure about the number I'm at now, since the scale broke, but I will say that my dress is looser than it was.... which isn't a terrible thing. I can't exactly get it taken in, for reasons I won't go into, but I will get undergarments to fill the dress out if needs be.
Last night we got to have delicious nachos, but we didn't have turkey, so they were veggie nachos... oh, and we didn't have the bean dip listed, so we used black beans. Super Yummy!!


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