Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Genuinely Geeky ^-^

I just bought my tickets to go see Catching Fire, which is going to be so awesome. Even though there is some casting I'm not thrilled over (c'mon, Sam Claflin as the most irresistible tribute ever... please). Oh! Speaking of movies, Mr. Occasionally Updated and I saw Thor on Sunday. So good! We both like nerdy comic book things (for more information on the extent of the nerd, click on the first link).

I have never been a Thor fan. Ever. I had thought it was just a horrible retelling of Norse mythology, and to an extent I was right. I was informed... but not well. I read a few, but never really enough to get myself wrapped up in their universe. So, when the first film came out, I had no real desire to see it. That, and everyone kept talking about how hunky Thor is.... a hair blonde guy, who always kind of looked like an 80's-frat-boy-douche in my childhood? No thank you. So I didn't see it.

For those of you who know me know that it's a rare day when I won't get amped about a comic book movie.

It wasn't until I went to an event where they showed all Avengers prequel films before the midnight release of the Avengers movie that I actually saw the first Thor. I sat there all day long, through 2 Iron Men, 2 Hulks, Captain America, and got to Thor.... and by the end of it, I understood.


I understand why there is a fandom, and I understand the sexy Thor thing... but what made the film for me, like so many others, was Loki. It takes a really amazing actor to make you sympathize with the antagonist of a comic book. Everything was clear, and beautifully conveyed. Let me just take a moment to fangirl over Tom Hiddleston:

Also, this was him at comicon this year (he inturrupted a panel as Loki, in complete costume, unannounced):


So, we went to the sequel the opening weekend. It was even better than the first... of course you have a new film, with my new favorite (and current talent crush) actor, and the film (subtle spoiler) begins, and ends with him. I was happy. Very happy.

Oh, also, I guess the plot's pretty good, too ;) (thought the Dark Elves were a bit Romulan if you ask me).

Wow... that was a very geeky post....I had intended to talk about wedding stuff!

Quick wedding update:

1. I changed my colors from pewter and plum, to gold and black
2. We are officially passed the year point, and I couldn't be more excited!
3. We have our first meeting with out cater on 11/30
4. Our saving is coming along.
5. I made this:

It's not exactly the same one we will use, but it's pretty close!

To end this long and geeky post with a recipe, I will leave you with one I did last night (it's Disney, so it fits the geek theme!)

The only thing I did differently was I used fat free half and half instead of cream and nixed  the flour. This is perfect for a cold and stormy day. I will warn you: IT IS FILLING!

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