Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pathetic Friend Public Shame Blog

Yesterday, I made a terrible mistake.

In my defense, I will tell you about my weekend, and maybe then you can at least feel sympathy... or something of the sort... maybe.

Thursday night was mine and Mr.Occasionally Updated's 2 year anniversary. We went out for an absolutely amazing dinner. Calamari, table-side carve service (if you've never experienced it, you need to... save up, it gets spendy, but oh so worth it), and an on-the-house creme brulee. Seriously, if you are in Seattle and want to have a romantic dinner, this is your place.

After dinner, we came home and hit they hay. It was late, and a work night... oh, yeah, and we're old.

The next morning, my mother came and got me, and we drove 3 hours south to spend the night. We went  through my late-grandmother's massive closet filled with goodies (she knew how to shop... must be genetic). We then went to an amazing production of one of my favorite musicals, Next to Normal, if you can see it... do. It's amazing. The next morning went to a holiday open house at the best little shop in Grayland, Wa. Shortly thereafter she drove me home.

I arrived back at my house at 10pm, and found that my wonderful fiance had spent his weekend away from me putting together a wonderful gift... I came home to a brand new (to me) gaming desktop.

I love this man.

Busy few days, right? Things could slip your mind... right??

In all of the excitement that was my amazing-being-spoiled weekend.... I forgot my best friend's birthday.

Horrible person.

I have a party that is planned for next weekend, because she had to work this weekend, but in all the fuss, I totally forgot to call her.

Tonight I am going to make her an I'm-sorry-I'm-so-self-involved dinner tonight, and we will do whatever she wants.

I am soooooo sorry!!!!!!

I am making her  Mi Madre's Enchiladas, and am trying my hand at Red Velvet Cake.. but I may just use a box mix, because I have no flour... it went the way of Weevils. Yeah Gross.

Happy happy happy happy happy birthday! I love you!

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  1. My apologies to said best friend, as well! I didn't realize - the whole family loves you, best friend, and we wish you an amazing year to come, filled with all wonderful things. You know you are loved - I feel responsible for Vanessa's lapse, because I really did take her over this weekend. Love you! And I hope you like the enchiladas - they are so yummy. :)