Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tantalizing Tacos... and Wedding Wednesday

I just realized that my last post, which was supposed to be a link to my wedding website, is very odd.
In fact, I may just delete it. If anyone saw it, you can count yourself as lucky. You are one of the few people who actually read this blog often enough to catch the poorly promoted website attached to my wedding. Here is the real website for those who are interested:

I wonder how I should refer to him here once we are married.... it'll probably stay Mr. Occasionally Updated, you know, shameless promotion :)

Wedding planning is really picking up! It's kind of amazing, all of the sudden I have stuff to do!!

I have picked out my cake:
Pumpkin with Cream Cheese Frosting (perfect for a November Wedding)

We have a menu:
Garlic Herb Chicken
Steak with a Molasses Porter Sauce

I have even started on decorations! I found this wonderful site. It's like craigslist for your wedding. There are so many things that would work on that for us!

Originally our wedding was going to be a big DIY thing, but, though I love to think of myself as crafty, I am afraid I'm not to the caliber I would like to do a wedding. Especially a formal wedding.

For example, this is the latest thing I have created:

Just the banner. Clearly I have not built a  fireplace.

And, where I have a deep love for craft paper, I simply don't think my skills will cut it.

So there is your Wedding Wednesday update!

Food wise, I think I will talk about  Oven Tacos

I made these a while ago, and they were delicious. Mr. Occasionally Updated ate until he almost popped. There are a few steps, but it's pretty simple, just an extra pan to clean at the end of the night. They actually heat up pretty well too.

I served these with my shortcut Guacamole (which is super awesome amazing):

1 Ripe Avocado
1/2 cup fresh Pico de Gallo
Lotsa (technical measurement) Cumin (*note: cumin is the thing that makes mexican food mexican)
Lotsa Garlic Powder
Salt to taste

I love a good recipe that I don't have to adjust. I had one last night that was good, but there were definitely things to do. Luckily this is not like that at all. 

I would say out of a scale of *Ew to OM NOM NOM, this would get a solid OM NOM!

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