Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Time for Turkey!!!

It's been so busy lately in the Grown-Up house! I had a little medical thing on Monday, and had to have a biopsy! Very interesting. Kind of painful, but I was pampered all day with comfort food, cuddles, and a mini Harry Potter Marathon.

Tuesday was full of cleaning the house and prepping for company for tomorrow! My father passed away in May of 2012, and I inherited his cookbooks. He used to throw the most elaborate parties, complete with cocktails, full meals, and lots of laughter. This year I get to host Thanksgiving, and as I was thumbing through his cookbooks, I came across a handwritten recipe for my father's fudge.

This is no ordinary fudge. It's amazing. It's life altering. It's my Dad's fudge.

Unfortunately, this is what the recipe said:

3/4 Cup Butter
3 Cups Sugar
2/3 Cup Evaporated Milk
12 Oz Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips

7oz Marshmallow Cream

That was it. No instructions... nothing more than a shopping list.

BUT, I improvised. Me, be discouraged by a lack of directions? Never. I am am actor after all, I create all the time.

So, I melted everything together and put it in the fridge. ( I may have cut the butter by 1/2 cup... and maybe I cut the sugar in half.... it just seemed excessive).

Guess what. Guess what, guys! It's wonderful. Tastes like Holidays with my Daddy!

I have so much to do tomorrow.

20lb Turkey
Mini Pumpkin Pies
Last years mini's

Pumpkin Bread (to honor my Grandma)
Green Bean Casserole
Ambrosia Salad
2 Stuffings (neither of which I am making, thank god)
Sweet Potatoes (again, not making)
Roasted Garlic Chevre Spread with Crostini
Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Baby Carrots, and Purple Potatoes
Mashed Potatoes (Provided by my sister)

That may be all.... there are 8 of us, think there will be enough ;)?

Also, if you don't do the whole holiday thing, check out this recipe. It's worth OM NOM NOM, and nothing about it says Thanksgiving.

For those that are curious, I will be posting about tomorrow next week!

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  1. Okay, I will try this again. Somehow I deleted my comment! Anyway, you forgot to list my sugar-free pumpkin pie! I nixed the pecan crust even though it sounds lovely, because I'm too tired and I hate to cook. You definitely did NOT get culinary genes from me! See you tomorrow!!!! It sounds wonderful, all of it. I just heard that the average American consumes 4500 calories on Thanksgiving. Woah.